Dopp Kit



A more spacious partner piece to the Marconi, the Kenyatta dopp kit is the perfect solution to housing your grooming products for longer voyages. The interior features tailored slots for standard toiletries, including one zip pocket and one snap pocket. A removable nylon lining allows for simple cleaning, while the bag's two-tone zipper opens all the way to the bottom for easy access to all your items. Also available in leather.

Blanket Stripe - Material Focus

Introducing our New Wool Blend: Blanket Stripe

Creating a sense of comfort and calm has infused our inspiration for the entire collection this season. With that in mind, the Blanket Stripe fabric is perhaps the truest fabrication of that inspiration. Considering warm firesides, stormy evenings and relaxing mountainside escapes, we agreed that during the blustery months, a luxurious winter throw goes a long way. Our version features a thick blanket stripe in subtle shades of beige, gray and blue. This heavily textured, neutral fabric lends an added sense of warm, comfortable style to your winter wardrobe.

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Highlights/Product sheet

• Pull-up wipeable nylon interior
• Magnetic side closures Interior zip pocket
• Interior zip pocket
• Interior snap-closure pocket
• Signature YKK Excella bi-color zipper
• Dimensions: 25W x 15H x 12D / 9.8W x 6H x 4.7D in


Avoid cleaning all wool-blend products at home; woold goods should be brought to a professional cleaner. Household cleaners and sprays should be avoided as they can potentially stain wool. If using protectant, ensure a small test is done on a corner of the item before applying entirely. Spot cleaning is not recommended. Avoid storing all WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie items in humid areas and avoid long periods of sun exposure. It is encouraged to place bags in the provided dust bag when not in use to preserve their pristine condition.


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Our Iconic Silver and Gold Zipper

Unity through contrast, a core WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie ideal, is quite literally represented by the brand’s signature silver and gold zip closure. With one row of teeth in gold and the other in silver, this YKK high-end Excella® zipper is the world’s finest. Lightweight and smooth, symmetrical teeth allow the slider to move in both directions, while its polished plated metal finish creates a beautiful shine. Made in Japan, this unique zipper is a subtle amalgam of the opposites celebrated by WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie: masculine and feminine, uptown and downtown, classic and modern, to name but a few.